Day #1 – Whitehorse – 42 miles – UPDATE

It did not come as a surprise: There is no phone or 3G service on the Yukon River, even  wi-fi is not available 🙂  All our information is from the Spot device.

Imre and Andras’ first obstacle was the Whitehorse Dam. They had to get out from the kayaks and carry them (and all their gear, totaling close to 90 kgs/200 lbs. per person) around the dam. You can see their route on the Spot map below.

The town of Whitehorse (pop. 28,000) got its name about the rapid that reminded people of a horse’s mane. Later the dam was built and the rapid got submerged by the lake the dam created.


This is where they spent the night. It looks like the waypoint is in the water. At the time when the image has been created it was probably so, but right now the water level might be lower and that certain edge of the island could be dry.



Unfortunately, Andras’ illness has turned out to be more serious than we had hoped. The wet conditions and below freezing temperatures worsened his condition. His fever went higher and he developed a severe head and throat ache. He also became very dehydrated leaving him in no condition to paddle for 8 hours a day in the frigid water. He decided that it would be best for both his safety and for the success of the trip to return home early. Imre is continuing the trip without him.


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Peter and Janos Kabai crossing the US on bicycles to promote the Blind Judo Foundation
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1 Response to Day #1 – Whitehorse – 42 miles – UPDATE

  1. blindjudo says:

    We are sorry to hear Andras fell ill and needed to return home. Sounds like the weather and other condition certainly didn’t add to him getting better. Having proper medical care will turn the whole situation around. Thank you for keeping everyone posted. Be well!!! Ron

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