Day #11 – Circle – 64 mi

We got another phone call from Imre!

He stopped earlier than usual to be able to reach the post office. He sent home SD cards with photos, regular videos and GoPro videos. (Thank you to the Blind Judo Foundation for letting Imre borrow their GoPro camera for this trip.)

Unfortunately the camera was not on when Imre had what we think will become one of the most memorable experiences of his life. The rest of the story is actually extremely lucky. It happened two days ago, just before leaving Canada. The river is extremely shallow there, with large dry or almost dry areas protruding from the shore, each like a peninsula. Imre was trying to find a shortcut by paddling over a very shallow area, when he noticed a grizzly bear at the end of the little peninsula. A second later the bear noticed him too. The animal was surprised by a strange, bright orange-yellow colored creature watching her. Her instinct was to “fight or flight” but there was no way for her to run away since she had water all around. The only dry route, towards the forest was blocked by Imre. So the bear started running towards him. Imre quickly got out the horn he keeps handy for situations like this. The bear stopped for a second as she heard the sound.  When the second horn sounded she didn’t slow down any more. She was running in the shallow water and Imre started paddling with all his might. He counted 20 strikes then looked back. The bear was still following him, now swimming. After 5 or 6 counts of twenty strokes, the bear seemingly slowed down and finally she gave up.

Imre says this was a very unlikely situation. The reason the grizzly had attacked him was that she was scared. Imre thinks it is extremely unlikely that he would drive another bear into a corner, but he will try to be even more cautious. (Of course we have no way to know if the grizzly was male or female; we keep saying “she” for clarity.)

We asked Imre about his wrist pain. He answered: “See, I don’t worry about it that much any more. My shoulders and my elbows hurt just as much by now, so every day I pick the one area which hurts most, and worry only about that one.”

About gojudoka

Peter and Janos Kabai crossing the US on bicycles to promote the Blind Judo Foundation
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3 Responses to Day #11 – Circle – 64 mi

  1. Norm Ringgold says:

    Cyndy and I have been reading the posts and tracking your progress. We love the beautiful pictures. I guess that we’ll see more, once Kinga receives another flash drive. Please stay away from the bears my friend!

  2. blindjudo says:

    Great to see more pictures of the kayaking adventure. Stay well and safe.

  3. blindjudo says:

    I’m sure we will learn more about the bear encounter. It’s scary just reading about the potential of an attack. The horn must have worked. Do you have bear spray also? It’s mace but for bears as it can shoot further and is stronger. WOW…..

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