Day #12 – Fort Yukon – 75 mi

Imre uses Dan Maclean’s Paddling the Yukon River and its Tributaries. We finally got a copy of the book and have an easier time following him. The book lists all landmarks along his way so from now on we will have a better idea of the area around him and no longer need to estimate the distance he has covered. (We updated estimations in some previous posts.) Detailed maps describe each section of the river. Because this is such a great source of information, from now on we will simple refer to this publication as The Book.

According to… The Book, Imre just arrived at the part of the river called Yukon Flats. This is a desert with less than 10 inches of rain each year. One dangerous spot is the current named Halfway Whirlpool, where The Book suggests to keep to the left. Imre did take the advice (flag #14):


Fort Yukon is the village where the river crosses the Arctic Circle. After just 20 miles it turns back to us here in the Northern Temperate Zone. Imre spent the night above the Arctic Circle.

PS: The Book also gave answer to our question a few days earlier: How do you know you just crossed the Canada-US border? – It is a distinctive clearing through the trees that gives a hint.

The picture below was taken close to Whitehorse, in the mountainous area.





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