Day #24 – Blackburn – 0 mi

Imre did not not get on water today, he stayed at the same island all day. We can imagine two kinds of reasons: Maybe one of his aches and pains (wrist/shoulder/elbow/back) are getting really bad and he decided to take a day to rest. By regularly accomplishing little more than the day’s quota, he collected about 6-7 days and he is now that much ahead of schedule. It is OK to take a break.

He tried to save up several days worth of time, in case weather conditions require him to stay on shore for a day or two. The Yukon is on average a mile wide here, and even relatively light winds can create 6-7 foot waves. This is what might be going on right now, as it is probably the weather which keeps him from continuing his journey.

Thanks to his Spot device we know that he is all right. Although no Track messages arrived all day, he manually sent an “OK” message in the morning, and once again in the afternoon at his usual stopping time.

Today we received the second set of pictures. These were mailed from Ruby, which means they were taken between day #11 and day #19. Let’s see a few.

0714-DSCN0122 0714-DSCN0123 0714-DSCN0130



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Peter and Janos Kabai crossing the US on bicycles to promote the Blind Judo Foundation
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