Day #29-30 – Welcome Home!

The weather and the 5-day forecast did not change, the storm is still raging, but fortunately the airplane was still allowed to take off. Imre was finally able to leave Grayling, AK on Saturday morning.

The plane was fully booked, which meant 6 passengers. Imre was traveling with five Eskimo women on board of the Cessna. Normally a 4-seat Cessna is used for this flight.

On Sunday morning Imre finally arrived home. His personal travelogue will be posted here in a few days.

expedicios haj




Thank you for following our blog. Please check back as we are planning to add more details and many more pictures/videos. Please keep following Imre’s sons, Peter and Janos here. Janos (18) is riding his bicycle from Seattle, WA to San Diego, CA right now. Earlier this summer Peter (21) rode the 414 mile long Dalton Highway from Deadhorse (the Arctic Ocean) to Fairbanks, AK. This is probably the longest dirt road in the US, and possibly the hardest road one could accomplish on a bicycle. Sometime early next week Peter will join Janos for the last third of his North-to-South Cross-Country trip. The boys are riding alone, unsupported.

All these adventurous trips are a way for Imre, Janos and Peter to raise funds and awareness to the Blind Judo Foundation. To learn more, please click here.




The Blind Judo Foundation bracelet, that the blogger has been wearing since day #1 and pledged not to take off until they are all safely at home.


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Peter and Janos Kabai crossing the US on bicycles to promote the Blind Judo Foundation
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2 Responses to Day #29-30 – Welcome Home!

  1. blindjudo says:

    Hi Imre: We are very proud of all that you had to endure not only climate but being hunted down by bears. What a story to be told along with your dedication to make a difference in the lives of others, in this case promoting Judo for blind and visually impaired children and young adults of the Blind Judo Foundation and blind kids across this great country of ours. Thank You doesn’t say enough for keeping the Blind Judo Foundation front and center during every part of the journey. You and your family are greatly appreciated. Many many thanks!

  2. Michael Hyatt says:

    Are the Blind Judo Bracelets for sale?

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