Day #20 – Galena – 52 mi

Galena is a large village of about 800 people. This is the last option to stock up on food and other necessities for the next 500 miles, and is a favorite stop for paddlers. But Imre heard news about recent vandalisms here and did his shopping yesterday in Ruby. The Spot messages show that he did stop in Galena for about 30 minutes but probably did not leave his kayak (he didn’t turn off the device). Maybe he was just talking to people, getting current information about river, weather and bear conditions. No way to know.




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Peter and Janos Kabai crossing the US on bicycles to promote the Blind Judo Foundation
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1 Response to Day #20 – Galena – 52 mi

  1. blindjudo says:

    Imre – wonderful photos along the route out to the Bering Sea. You will have much to talk about when you return home. Any possibility of writing a book?

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